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Water Rust (Iron) Stains

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Water Rust and Iron Stains in Central Jersey

Rusty water? High iron? Say goodbye to rust stains with our Central Jersey water treatment experts. We use iron filters and ion exchangers to remove rust and excess iron from your Central Jersey water.

Do you have red, orange or brown rust stains in your sinks and bathtubs due to high iron content? Or rust-colored spots on white clothing when they come out of the washing machine? Or rusty colored spots on dishes after they have been washed?

Find out why your Central Jersey water is causing rust stains, why it's harmful, and how it can be eliminated.

Admiral Water | Central Jersey Solution for Water Rust (Iron) Stains

What Causes Orange Rust Stains in the Sinks, Bathtubs and Showers of my Central Jersey Home?

Rust stains on your laundry, dishes, and bathroom and kitchen fixtures are caused by too much iron in the water. Iron is a mineral that is naturally found in water, but some water supplies contain too much iron which can cause rust to form when it combines with oxygen and moisture.

Are Rust and High Iron in My Central Jersey Water Harmful?

Rust stains left on surfaces caused by iron in water are not only unsightly, but they can be difficult to remove.

And although water with a high iron content isn't generally dangerous to drink, it may have an unpleasant metallic taste, and it can eventually cause discoloration of teeth.

Admiral Water | Central Jersey Solution for Water Rust (Iron) Stains

Rust and high iron in your Central Jersey water can cause damage to fixtures and appliances, reducing their lifespan. Rust particles have tiny sharp edges which can scratch surfaces, leaving them looking dull over time, and allowing dirt and stains to adhere to the dull, porous surface.

Most importantly, as iron deposits accumulate, they begin to corrode the inner workings of appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and water heaters, causing them to run inefficiently or fail altogether. Rust can also damage water pipes, causing leaks that can lead to costly damage to your Central Jersey home or business.

How Can I Get Rid of High Iron and Rust in My Central Jersey Water?

The first step to treating Central Jersey water that causes rust stains is to find out if you have hard water (high mineral content) or soft water (low mineral content). Hard water contains more minerals, which makes easier for rust stains to form; however, even soft water can contain too much iron due to old pipes or other sources.

You also need to know the amount of iron in your water, and this depends on a variety of factors, such as where in Central Jersey you live, how much iron is in the soil around your home, and how far away from the source of the water you are getting it.

Admiral Water | Central Jersey Solution for Water Rust (Iron) Stains

At Admiral Water, we can test your Central Jersey water to find out whether you have hard water or soft water, and how much iron it contains. A water test will also reveal other issues you may have with your water, such as such as sulfur (rotten egg) odors, hard water, low pH, sediment, bacteria, etc.

Based on the results of the water test, we'll recommend a water filtration system designed for your specific needs. If high iron and rust is the only problem with your Central Jersey water, the system we recommend will depend on the composition of your water and the amount of iron. We use top of the line water treatment systems that are specially designed to reduce iron and get rid of rust. These systems utilize iron filtration to filter out the excess iron in your Central Jersey water. We also use special water softeners that include an ion exchange system that converts the iron into a harmless salt.

If a water test reveals that your water has other problems besides high iron and rust, we'll recommend a system that addresses those issues as well.

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